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  2. EpicTechie


    Fun days
  3. timmy happy 😆
  4. lordrobus


  5. Yesterday
  6. I tried to make this as close to the Minecraft cape style as possible. Anyway, gaze upon my first effort of designing a cape.
  7. 59_


    That Was Lion Claws
  8. Last week
  9. this is the sad boi cape
  10. cxlledZeoX


    This is a Unicorn Cape
  11. Are you getting an error message? You must click view file and then it will open a page. On that page at the right side is a button "Download this file"
  12. This cape is made by john2844627 and this Minecraft cape is for free you can download it and Get it right now If you Do the right steps HOPE YOU ENJOY😊
  13. Vapez

    Vapez Cape

    Nice Ripped Cape
  14. in any verison later than 1.8.9 the menu no longer exists, you will have to use the /setcape command.
  15. i dont know how to open cape menu
  16. The Scarf That Gingka Hagane Wears from Beyblade Metal Saga
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