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  5. iam need 1.16.4 cape and 1.17 cape please need please create iam need iam love and make a creeper cape make 1.16.4 cape please
  6. altaxadam


    skin with L
  7. I'm a really long-time user of the Advanced Capes Mod. So I have been thinking how far it is that we get the 1.16.4 version of the mod. If you guys are working on it, that's great. But if you're not please do... I'd be really happy to see the mod ready and up to go for 1.16.4.. So that's it.
  8. Hi! I made a design for a cape using a banner creator. Is it possible to upload this cape design to the mod in any way?
  9. Earlier
  10. the forge 1.16.3 not load the mod pls help
  11. dasdasdasdasdasdasdadadasdasds
  12. How do i find cape url that i want ????
  13. You have to click on the cape you want then the little tiny picture, right click it and open image in new tab, then copy and paste the url into the ui.
  14. Pro826868


    why does the cape do not appear at the elytra big Problem hope it well be solved
  15. hvgycghhbhjbjbjbnkkkkbjbHvd
  16. adidas cape
  17. normally optifine black cape
  18. erhhyhryt \thj
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