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  1. View File Advanced Capes 1.15.2-1.0 Updated to Minecraft version 1.15.2. Submitter masterdisasterHD Submitted 02/09/20 Category Mod Minecraft Version 1.15.2 Forge Version 31.1.0  
  2. Version 1.15.2-1.0


    Updated to Minecraft version 1.15.2.
  3. View File Advanced Capes 1.15.1 Updated to Minecraft version 1.15.1 Submitter masterdisasterHD Submitted 01/08/20 Category Mod Minecraft Version 1.15.1 Forge Version 30.0.21  
  4. Version 1.15.1-1.0


    Updated to Minecraft version 1.15.1
  5. By default (in 1.14 or higher) the key is V. In lower versions of this mod the default key is C.
  6. A new version of the mod for Minecraft 1.14.4 has released, these are the changes: Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash on startup.
  7. This mod has been updated to version 1.14.4-1.1. Changelog: Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash on startup.
  8. You can use the imgur capes, but you would need the direct url for the image. For example, would become
  9. The cape option turns itself off because other mods may interfere with it.
  10. Could you please upload your log file?
  11. If you wish to use the cape from the gallery, you must right click the cape image and select "Copy image address" (depends on which browser you are using).
  12. The url for that cape would be:
  13. The image you provided dus not meet the requirements for a cape. Your cape must meet the requirements as specified in this tutorial:
  14. If your question is related to an issue or something that does not work, please provide the following information: Version of minecraft Version of the mod Version of minecraft forge Log of the game (latest.log, can be find in .minecraft/logs)