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Found 4 results

  1. Avalon

    Game Crash Issue

    Could have been a great mod however, Everytime you press the GUI Key the game crashes and worst it affects the whole launcher...Constant crashes happens because of memory allocation caused by the mod and Worlds can't be loaded due to the Crash caused by the very same mod...Had to delete the mod so i can save my minecraft before it gets worst so maybe you guys can fix this?
  2. When ever I open the cape menu the game crashes (1.8.9)
  3. When i start my launcher and choose 1.8.9 (forge) it launches with no problems. Today i entered on a survival world and my game crashed. I also tried on a server , but when i press "C" it zooms for a split second and crashes and i even tried in the config , but nothing happened. I will need help as soon as possible! #StaySafe
  4. Yeah same thats happening to everyone else MY GAME KEEPS CRASHING EVERY TIME I FREAKING PRESS C WTF I NEED ANWSERS
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